Anyone who has read a newspaper or watched a television news program in the last two years is aware of the serious financial crisis that currently faces our nation. Thousands of people have lost their homes thru foreclosure; thousands more will loose their homes before the crisis is over. My profession, Real Estate Appraisal has to accept some of the responsibility for facilitating many of the bad lending decisions that were made during the last five years. As a profession, we as Appraisers did not fulfill our duty to be disinterested third parties in real estate valuations.

Therefore, I intend to conduct my appraisal practice in a manner that promotes and maintains a high level of Public Trust in the Appraisal Profession by:

  • Conducting my practice in an ethical manner. I strictly adhere to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act with respect to maintaining the confidential nature of any client or transaction information.
  • Providing accurate, reliable valuations for any Client that retains my services for any valuation issue.
  • In the same regard, provide neutral, unbiased and objective valuations for Clients that need help with various valuation issues.
  • Provide the same level of professional analysis and assistance for Clients that need a consultant for such things as tax appeal or litigation issues.
  • Utilize any and all technologies that are available that would enhance the reliability of any valuation analysis.

“A Real Estate Appraisal is only difficult when it's done right”

John C. Carlson

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